Werner Sobek future housing concept – R129

Designed by Werner Sobek – R129 is the sophisticated fusion of  architectural innovation and modern technology. The   envelope is made of a lightweight and transparent electrochromatic foil which can be made opaque, lightened or darkened using electronic controls. The envelope can be contolled either in sections or as a whole.


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The interior of the building is devoid of fixed partitions or walls between the various functional areas. A central non-stationary module houses sanitary and kitchen installations. The concept will continue to develop over the next couple of years before a prototype will be be built.


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R129 – Ninja Style! From a slightly different perspective, the shape and operable facade of R129 could indicate a similar development possibility of a motion responsive and spinning facade. (Ideally, the facade could be used to generate the buildings energy – Additionally, open to ocean the  facade and internal areas could capture and ‘breathe’ the coastline)

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